Beaver Waves to a Kid

by Patchen on December 19, 2012

Hi! Hi there! How are you? What’s up? Hello! Hey!

This slice of cute is brought to us from: YouTube

Kitten Plays Ping Pong

by Patchen on December 14, 2012

This slice of cute is brought to us from: YouTube

Dog is a Toddler’s Best Friend

by Patchen on December 12, 2012

From YouTube user Julian Burrett: Watson the dog stands by while the boy does a quick assessment of the puddle situation.

Kids Playing on a See-saw

by Patchen on October 2, 2012

This slice of cute is brought to us from: YouTube

From YouTube user teachusmore: There’s a scene in an Adam Sandler’s movie, “Big Daddy,” where Adam dresses up as Scuba Steve, an action-hero, in order to creatively make the boy he’s caring for do things. Ever since I watched that scene, I’ve wanted to do the same as a father. I’m now a father and can happily do it :) 

 On July 21, 2012, I surprised my 3 year old son, Oliver, as Spider-Man in his room. We played with his toys and jumped around. I also made him the promise of going to a trampoline park if he behaved well. On July 25, 2012, I followed through on my promise and took Oliver to the trampoline park as Spider-Man. Just like in the movie Big Daddy, I’m using the disguise of a super-hero to get him to do things and make him happy at the same time. I highly recommend parents to do this.

Looking forward to the next video, Spider-Dad and Son at Walmart :)

Baby Nigerian Dwarf Goats

by Patchen on July 6, 2012

Fun facts: Nigerians are a miniature dairy goat from West Africa. The average Nigerian gives 2.5 pounds of milk a day. A male goat is called a Buck and a female goat is called a Doe.

This slice of cute is brought to us from: Pinterest

Baby African Pygmy Goat

by Patchen on June 15, 2012

From YouTube user MarylandZooTV: There’s an adorable new addition in the Maryland Zoo’s Farmyard. Meet Lana, a newborn African pygmy goat born on June 10th. This is the first birth for parents Lois and Lex. Both mother and kid are doing well and can already be seen on exhibit.

Are you my Mommy?

Are you my Mommy?

Cute meets cute! Oh, the humanatee! Now give that big guy some cake ~ he looks hungry!

This stunning image comes to us from Daily Picks

Hoppity Hop Baby

by Patchen on April 4, 2012

And forevermore, this kid’s nickname will be Floppy.

This slice of cute is brought to us from: Tumblr user steak-sauce

Panda Suit

by Patchen on March 29, 2012

This little girl is super cute all on her own, but put her in a panda suit and her cuteness level is off the charts!

This slice of cute is brought to us from: Shocking Pages