My Green Thumb

by Patchen on November 7, 2012

I planted a mystery seed and a ferret grew! Best surprise EVER!

This slice of cute is brought to us from: Flickr user x_Emily Rose_x

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Bruno November 17, 2012 at 10:24 pm

kids wont want to return it. with all due reescpt, well TOO BAD it was rental. if parents dont want to return it either, then they can buy it. so it’s all good. You see, animals are unpredictable and have a mind of their own. not every pet is right for everyone. i think renting a pet is a great way to see if it will be happy in you home or not. if it’s not, some other home will be right for it. if it is, you found ur perfect pet from an awesome rental services. renting a pet means take them home for limited time to see how well it adjusts. so if it doesnt, you didn’t waste a lot of money and probably gained some experience. it’s not that badif you are still unsure, go to the petshop and ask the employees or the manager y they have this service. you might be surprized


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