More Bubbles Please!

by Patchen on July 17, 2012

“Minnesota Zoo’s 3-week-old Amur Tiger cub is growing strong and thriving under round-the-clock care from a crew of dedicated zoo keepers. Born on June 17, the cub was removed from first-time mother Angara because she was not caring for her baby. The cub is being hand-raised by zoo keepers.

Zoo staffers report that the female cub is very active and feeds every four hours, day and night. The cub weighs 5.5 pounds and her eyes are now open. Mother Tigers normally wash their cubs by licking them with their rough, sandpapery tongue. To bathe this cub, zoo keepers gave the cub a bath with the help of water, soap, and a thick towel. The result: a clean and fluffy cub!”

This slice of cute is brought to us from: ZooBorns

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